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About Free Spirit Software

Free Spirit was formed in 2011 by Joey Mustang, a programmer with over seventeen years of commercial experience developing databases and windows based desktop applications.

The basis of the company is to provide advice, development and support to any size and most types of businesses throughout the United Kingdom.

Free Spirit Software as a company name was decided upon as a reflection of Joeys personality and philosophy on how IT can be approached with a vision of endless possibilities.

As one is often developing new programs or integrating existing systems a creative imagination has to exist along with free spirited thoughts and ideas.

This approach may have come as a result of Joey spending youthful days sat in his bedroom writing very basic programs on a VIC20 as this enables him still to be able to look at today's technology and stand in awe of how amazing and exciting it is and also be aware of how impossible what we have now seemed only 30 years ago.

Joey has a love of computers and all that is involved with programming them to do the incredible things that they can.

The creation of Free Spirit Software has enabled Joey to work in an arena whereby he can be involved with many varying businesses and their individual needs and requirements.

About Me (by Joey)

Back in July of 1982 my dad decided that I should have one of these new home computer things that seemed to be popular at that moment.
So my parents dragged me into the centre of Leicester with the intention of getting me one.
I was in a total huff of course as all I wanted was a new bike and had no interest in something that plugged into a television.
After much sulking and whining (the sort that only a 13 year old can accomplish) I finally lost out and we all returned home with a shiny new Commodore VIC20.

VIC20The computer was promptly set up and some free games that were provided in the package were loaded up and we all had a nice afternoon and evening playing race, hoppit, typeatune and a strange game called blitz, which had us flying an aeroplane and dropping bombs on a city in order to clear space for a landing site, quite a strange premise for a game when I think about it now.
This was fun for a while but by the middle of the next day I was beginning to get very bored of my new computer.

I decided to have a look at what else was in the box, maybe a new game or something similarly entertaining.

It was at this moment that I found the 'Introduction to Basic - Part 1' book and my life change forever.Introduction To Basic

My realization that a computer could be told what to do (programmed) and that I could learn how to do this was to me one of the most exciting and thrilling things that I'd ever encountered, remembering here that I was only 13 years old, although come to think about it, I do feel exactly the same way today.

VIC20 BooksI just couldn't get enough of this programming stuff. I pestered and pestered my dad to get me the 'Introduction to Basic - Part 2' reminding him constantly that he had forced this computer upon me.

I saved paper round and pocket money and bought myself a barrage of books on how to program and also a few books of games that I could type into the computer myself, these games I dissected and changed, rearranged or re programmed myself.

It wasn't long until I had exhausted the potential of the VIC 20 and its whopping 3.5k memory and needed something with a little more power.

Over the next few years I enjoyed learning to code with sprites and the increased colours and sounds that the Commodore 64 had to offer.C64 and MSX

For a small while I even dabbled with a Toshiba MSX, it was a fun but short lived affair.

After the luxury of life in school and at my parents ended and the big wide world beckoned I found myself less involved with computers for a number of years.

It was only after I had expressed an interest in the mainframe system that an employer was running that my interest and fire suddenly rekindled and I knew that I had to make a career out of programming computer systems.

I spent a few years holding down general accounting jobs whilst I funded a degree in Mathematics and Computing which led to my opportunity in the mid 1990's to actually do this fun stuff for a living.

I now had a good knowledge of program design and how databases should be designed and I couldn't wait to get started.

VB5Initially my encounter with Visual Basic 5 for PC development was intimidating and very foreign to the old console type screens that i had worked on in my youth.

Much to my delight and amazement, although there was a lot more in terms of graphical tools and modules to learn, the principle of if then else or loop for or on condition jump here still applied.

This boost in confidence rocketed me forward into a further 17 year career to date in computer programming and database systems.

I enjoyed a few years learning and developing programs using Visual Basic and creating databases with Microsoft Access and later SQL Server all of which I thoroughly enjoyed and still enjoy today.SQL Server

Into the new millennium and it wasn't long before the internet and writing code that made Websites work beckoned.

WebAnd so away I went again, learning HTML and ASP scripting and having great fun seeing my work not just on a dozen or so computers, but all over the world, yes it is thrilling to see.

Nowadays with the advances in CSS and the advent of PHP I can just about create any type of Website and functionality that is required.

My next mini project is to finally commit and learn java, the full beast, I am looking forward to this immensely.

If you have got this far, a big thank you for reading and have a good day

Free Spirit Software , 46 Meadow Lane, Newport, HU15 2QN, East Yorkshire. 01430448240. 53.760731,-0.704737.