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Curriculum Vitae

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Personal Statement

I have over fifteen years commercial experience within the IT sector as both a developer and project manager. I have written applications which have covered a wide range of requirements, from Warehouse Distribution to Biometric Time and Attendance to Forecasting and Marketing and Order Processing, I have also developed a concise intranet which includes helpdesk analysis. I am currently working as a freelance developer but prior to this for four years I worked for a dedicated IT software company providing solutions for multiple external customers. This has required me to use my knowledge and experience to design, develop, implement and support a number of applications. I have taken these projects fully from conception to working versions, including full project management. I have more than five years experience of leading projects to implement new software into a business, this requirement involves many skills including understanding the business need, assessing and suggesting a preferred product, forming an implementation project, obtaining key personnel buy-in, full implementation and testing, which has often involved writing and managing interfaces between existing systems. I am a likeable person with an ability to communicate well with people on all levels and in all areas. I have a dynamic, adaptable approach to working which goes hand in hand with my problem solving skills and ability for abstract thinking. I have a good organisational working method and very keen attention to detail. I thrive on challenges and the reward that comes from a successful project. I have a great deal of knowledge and experience to bring to any project, but also have a keenness to learn more new skills and expand my knowledge

Key Skills

SQL Server12 years experience creating and developing data storage and ordering solutions from version 2000 up to 2010.
VB.Net16 years experience including VB6 developing Windows based software solutions to carry out a multitude of business functions.
PHP6 years experience adding and extending website functionality and developing web based applications.
MySql6 years experience creating database solutions for Website and Web based application functionality.
JavaScript6 years experience extending functionality of websites.
HTML(5) & CSS(3)10 years experience in creating web pages using traditional html and css methods, more recently adopting the prototype methods offered through html5 and css3.
MS Access16 years experience of developing database solutions and usable software for a variety of differing business functions.
MS Office16 years experience using excel, word, PowerPoint, including giving full training courses as well as integrating into software and creating extended macro functions.

Work Experience

Job TitleDeveloper
CompanyFreelance - T/A Free Spirit Software
DescriptionAt the moment I am working as a freelance/contract developer and have a few clients and contracts underway.

I currently have developed some of and support a number of VB.Net/SQL Server and MS Access applications for a client in the Midlands and also develop and support satellite applications which plug into SQL Server and pervasive SQL for clients in the North of England.

I have a growing number of Website clients and have recently created sites for the following:

The application development and support requires me to use my experience and knowledge of VB.Net, MS Access, SQL Server and general coding and database principles. The website development enables me to use php, mysql and some JavaScript.

These core skills are where I enjoy working and ply my trade as it were. I enjoy the challenge of responding to user requests, keeping things running smoothly, working out and fixing bugs and unforeseen scenarios.
FromJun 2011 - Date

Job TitlePartner
CompanySparkles Gifts
DescriptionI stepped out of working full time in IT for a brief period of time in order to help my partner establish her gift shop and jewellery business. In this role I spent a great deal of time talking to people in the shop and selling items. I also kept control of current stock levels and reordering of new items and quantities.
FromOct 2010 - Sep 2011

Job TitleIT Consultant
CompanyTotal e-Solutions
DescriptionMy role was to design, develop and implement bespoke desktop applications for a series of blue chip clients. Self contained systems would then also be packaged for sales as off the shelf PC based solutions. The development was primarily using VB.Net over a SQL Server database; the key applications I have written are listed here.
  • Biometric Time & Attendance / work order bookings system 2006
  • Sales forecasting and analysis system / Job management system 2007
  • Periodical despatch system including batch DHL & UPS interfacing 2008
  • Credit Card payment module interfacing with Sage Pay 2008
  • Non stock purchase order management system 2009
  • Online trailer rental booking system 2010
In addition to development I have also been involved in the project management of a customer from an AS400 based system onto Sage Pastel, including data cleansing and ad hoc interfacing. I was also heavily involved in the sales and marketing functions of Total-e Solutions, this included creating proposals and pitching to potential new customers as well as acting as account manager for many existing clients.
FromOct 2006 - Sep 2010

Job TitleWeb Developer
CompanyDigital Globe
DescriptionIn this role I was responsible for the development of new website and web applications and also for the support and enhancement of the company's largest website ( using html, asp, SQL Server. Also responsible for all development projects including a new insolvency management website written in php with JavaScript support and a SQL Server database backend.
FromJun 2006 - Sep 2006

Job TitleIT Developer
CompanySpeedibake Ltd
DescriptionMy role at Speedibake was to design and develop a range of applications that would automate and enhance the process of sales forecasting and budgeting, production planning, warehouse capacity management and raw materials allocation and usage. I designed and developed key applications including full intranet with helpdesk logging system using html/asp and later Implemented a full forecasting system which allowed the commercial team to input forward anticipated sales and have the financial information available against the unit volumes. This was written in VB6 (later VB.Net) as the front end with a lot of data extraction from the UNIX mainframe via SQL DTS Packages. This system also required the writing of data exporting routines to pass raw data through to the production planning (Futurmaster) system. Also written in VB.Net was a daily scheduling system which allowed a daily view of production week to date and an ability to amend production plans and feed the amended plan back into the main planning system. Designed and developed a full mail merge system which allowed for the bulk mailing of letters to customers, this utilised the word sdk and meant that instead of traditional flaky mail merge techniques being used, Speedibake had a solid, easy to use, generic mailing system. Designed and developed a system for new product development which recorded ingredients and packaging used and created a full bill of materials requirement in advance of production
FromOct 2001 - Jun 2006

Job TitleIT Developer
DescriptionMy role at Evershed's was to develop a pdf document capture and storage library system for the easy filing and retrieval of sensitive documentation. I was also involved with the development of an online marketing database which collected and stored client information which could then be accessed nation wide. All of this work was carried out using VB6 and SQL Server
FromJan 2001 - Oct 2001

Job TitleIT Developer
CompanyFamily Hampers
DescriptionAt family hampers my role was to develop and maintain systems which would assist with the distribution of Christmas hampers. Developed a despatching and pallet loading system. This system would import customer orders from the mainframe system and then decide to which distribution depot a hamper needed to be sent in order to be delivered on time to a customer. The program also used a logical algorithm to advise the warehouse staff on how best to assemble the load for delivery. This was a full VB6 application supported by an Access database. Developed an application which would wrap around the DOS based EDI 3rd party system and allow easier interfacing for users, it also had some enhancements which allowed for processing of bulk orders rather than keying one at a time. Again a VB6 application.
FromAug 1998 - Jan 2001

Job TitleIT Support Developer
CompanyYorkshire Auto Trader
DescriptionMy role at Yorkshire Auto Trader began as PC network support but developed into more of a development role as I used my programming knowledge to develop some useful programs. Developed a competition program to keep track of the BTCC race season, each entrant could select drivers and teams. Points would be scored after each race for winning, overtaking, fastest laps etc. at the end of the season the winner would be the entrant with the most points. This was my first full VB6 application and was supported by an access database. Developed a program that would allow department managers to key in the size of magazine requirement in pages (measure) that their departments copy would require. The system would add all this together along with advertising requirements and calculate a weekly magazine size requirement.
FromJun 1996 - Aug 1998


Degree (Bsc)Open University 1993-2001Mathematics and Computing
Modules Included
  • Pure mathematics
  • Fundamentals of computing
  • Databases and database management
  • Software and the software lifecycle
  • Communication and communication systems
CSE Grade1Soar Valley School 1981-1985
  • English Language
  • English Literature
  • Mathematics

Hobbies and Interests

FitnessI do strength training every Saturday morning and run 3 times per week as like to participate in the occasional 10k run. My ambition is to eventually run a full marathon distance but at the moment I am happy working towards half of that distance.
DancingI really enjoy dancing and once per week go to lessons with my partner where we learn ballroom and Latin. We also attend social dances at local village halls as often as possible.
CookingI enjoy cooking, although I'm not overly creative myself, I enjoy following recipes by established chefs and enjoying some really tasty meals. I have recently begun making bread which is great fun.
Model RailwaysI have recently rekindled my childhood interest in model railways and am preparing a space (garden shed) in order to house a layout.
SportsI enjoy watching many sports including Golf, Rugby Union, Moto GP, World and British Superbikes, Formula 1 and major events such as the Olympics, the Grand National, Tour de France, etc.
GeneralI enjoy meeting up with friends and family and having a good meal and a chat. I love movies, especially old classics and good modern TV series. I enjoy reading and always have a good book on the go, anything and everything from classic literature to urban fantasy.
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